Wedding Dress Alterations

Alvina's Provides Wedding Dress alterations and repairs in San Antonio and it's surrounding areas.

At Alvina's Tailor Shop we do quality and professional Wedding dress Alterations and Tailoring. Even though we have made clothes from scratch long ago we no longer have time to do this. Thanks to God, our tailoring and alterations keep us busy enough. However we would like to show you the quality work and detailed craftsmanship that we are capable of doing. This picture  is of a wedding dress that Alvina herself created from scratch.This is a photo from 1984 so the quality is not that great but the dress still looks beautiful. From the bolts of satin and lace to every last pearl, bead, and sequence, it was all made by hand. We will no longer make you clothes, but  we guarantee to put just as much careful dedication and quality in all the tailoring and alterations we provide to our customers. Alvina's can alter Couture, and designer wedding dresses. We even Bustle gowns, see below: Wedding Dress Bustles in San Antonio. 

Wedding Dress Alterations

Alvina is a master Tailor and a Master Seamstress with over 50 years of experience. She has created from scratch many gowns and formals and has outfitted entire wedding parties of 10 and 15 girls. Along with all of the weddings, Alvina, "My Mom," made from scratch every outfit my three sisters and I wore when we were young. Alvina made several Prom Dresses, outfits, halloween costumes, and even wedding dresses. Alvina also made shirts and suits and dresses for herself as well. You will not be disappointed with any of the work we provide for our customers. This sets us aside from every other alteration shop. Some people just start altering right off of the street. Communication is key when choosing your professional Tailor or alteration specialist. Without the knowledge and background, like Alvina has and has tought to me ,you can't be sure of what you will get back. I would be very careful of who you trust your wedding gowns, formals, or other garments to. Do your research and read reviews. Soon I will add a new tab from the drop down with more pictures of the creations that Alvina and I have created through the years. Also see Alteration Projects tab.

Expert Bridal Alterations


Nivek G. Of San Antonio June 12, 2017

I would HIGHLY recommend going to Alvina's Tailor shop for any/all of your tailoring needs! Alvina and Melody are amazing and truly treat you like a member of the family. I have been going to them for years off and on whenever I needed something done and when it was time to get my wedding dress tailored I couldn't think of anyone else I would trust more then the two of them!! They took such great care of my dress, hand stitched the lace work at the end and did wonders to the dress overall! Thank you ladies so much for all that you do!! In fact my profile picture is of the dress they worked on!!





hi i know that it has been a while, but i wanted to send you a picture or two to show you your wonderful work in action.


here was my dress let down and also put in the bustle.  It was absolutely perfect.   


anyhow i thought i would send them your way.....because i never remember until i am there.....and well i am going to try to make it out there today for another dress for a Christmas party.


Nonetheless, your work is priceless and really made my wedding day.  i know that there will be more memories made with the help of the great work you do for me and your customers

Lori Dennis

Info on Bustles

Alvina's Provides Wedding Dress Bustles in San Antonio and it's surrounding areas.

Alvina's Tailor Shop Specializes in tailoring and wedding dress alterations in San Antonio and it’s surrounding areas. We like enough time to produce a magnificant outcome. Among other alterations we also can create a beautiful bustle for wedding gowns as described below and as seen in the drop down Bridal section above.

Does your wedding dress have a long, chapel length train or is it just a small brush/sweep train? Regardless of how long it is, your train will add elegance as you walk down the aisle. But sometime during your wedding festivities, those extra yards of lace and satin will probably be in the way. Adding a Bustle to your gown will make walking and dancing easier, and keep your gowns hemline cleaner also.

History of Bustles 

Bustles date back to the 1800s when stylish women wore a frame underneath their dress to support the back of their very full skirts. This Victorian fashion also helped womens waists look smaller (a fashion goal that never goes out of style).

The Bustle is in use today primarily to lift the long, elegant trains of wedding gowns off the floor. Instead of a framework worn under the wedding gown, the long train is lifted with buttons or ties to create a lovely bouffant style that is also very practical.

Adding a Bustle 

Although almost all brides utilize Bustles for their wedding gowns, you may be surprised to discover that the dresses do not come with bustles in place.They are added during alterations. This makes sense since all brides are not the same height and your bustle should lift the back of your gown to your hem length. So your bustle must be custom made.

Bustles for Delicate Fabrics 

Use care in selecting your bustle style if your gown fabric is delicate. The weight of the gown on the bustles may tear transparent, lightweight, fabrics like organza. So if your fabric is delicate, choose a bustle style that reduces the weight on each individual bustle. Read below for several bustle options.

For the Under Bustle, ribbons are sewn under the gown securing the outer fabric to the lining. Use different colors of ribbon to make the task of tying easier. Another way to make a French Bustle is sew loops into the inside back side of the gown in a diamond shape. A ribbon is run through the loops, gathered and tied to give the gown a bouffant look.

Upon Inspection of your dress we will create a designed bustle that will flatter the look of your gown!

If you are in search of wedding dress alterations, repairs or wedding dress bustles in San Antonio , then look no further than Alvina's Tailor Shop.

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