Tailor and alterations men’s pants and suits

Men's Suit Alterations in San Antonio and it's surrounding Areas.

Expert Tailoring and Alterations in San Antonio are found here at Alvina's Tailor Shop. Alvina is a master Tailor/ Seamstress. Alvina learned form master Tailors at Frost Brothers at North Star Mall, and Josephs. Working alongside with Alvina for 17 years has given me, her daughter, the knowledge and the know how needed to provide our customers with the expert service they have come accustomed to for over 27 years. We can alter and tailor suits, slacks, jackets, jeans, leather, wool, and yes even pajamas. Tailored suits and tailored dress shirts are a must for the sharp dressed man. Off the rack  men’s suits, no longer is an option for most men due to the variance in sizes and body shapes. Alvina's is your place to go for professional Suit Alterations and tailoring in San Antonio and it's surrounding areas. 

James Jones had this beautiful, well made suit that was several sizes too big, due to an amazing 100 pound weight loss. We altered the jacket in the sides, center, and sleeves. The pants needed a complete remake, we altered the waist, seat, crotch, tapered legs, and shortened the cuffs.

It was a pleasure proving Mr. Jones with expert tailoring.Thank you for your business, Mr.Jones.

Professional Suit Alterations

Adam Demtriev

I have been taking my tailoring needs to Alvina's for years. I have had jeans and dress slacks hemmed, tapered, and the seats taken in as well as suit coats/sport jackets taken in and sleeves shortened. Every time they come back with exceptional quality. 

They remembered my name after my very first visit and have always made me feel welcomed. I moved to the other side of town but I still go out of my to bring any clothing that needs tailored to Alvina's.

(The above photos are of Adam D.)

Men's Alteration and Tailoring


All prices are subject to inspection. We can only give a true price quote in person . This list is intended to give you an idea of our services. Ultimately we decide if an alteration will be more costly than replacing the garment, and whether or not it will benefit you. The decision will be yours. Feel free to come in for a true quote- walk ins welcome. All prices are subject to taxes, we too have to give Uncle Sam his cut! Every alteration is different because every body is different. These are just our basic services but we are unlimited in what we can do. Tailored suits is among our specialties. We are your number 1 Tailor in San Antonio to visit. Alvina’s provides professional alterations in San Antonio and all the surrounding areas. 



           COATS: Take in and let out sides and back seam 

                          Shorten sleeves 

                           Shorten length

             We can alter (in most cases)  almost any aspect of coats pants and shirts in order to get a better fit!


                         Shorten and lengthen the length plain bottom and                               

                            With cuff  

                           Take in and let out  waist and seat 

                           Taper legs and crotch

            SHIRTS: Shorten sleeve length 

            Taper sides

             Taper sleeves

             Shorten length with and with out vents


Other Alterations;

We can patch and repair any garment from replacing buttons, a new set of suspender buttons, repairing the seat and crotch, patching, replacing zippers, fixing jackets, repairing and replacing linings, repairing and replacing pockets,repairing jeans,and are open to unique requests upon consultations.