Why did you start your San Antonio Clothing Alterations Business?

 It all began as a job that Alvina was naturally good at, dress and clothing alterations in San Antonio. Alvina had spent over 20 years of tailoring, dress alterations, and making clothes from scratch. Alvina helped a Master Tailor  for about 4 years and ran his Alteration and Tailor Shop business for him. After he took ill he told Alvina to continue with the business, because it was hers the whole time. Having four children to support she did not want to look for work again, so she bought and took over the sewing business. It was a scary and hard decision but she knew it would benefit her and her family.

      My name is Melody and I have worked at Alvina's Tailor Shop for over 20 years. Alvina is my mom and I started to help her right out of High School. I picked up the trade very fast and began to excel. Mom taught me the complex art of customer service and alterations of all kinds. 

 Years down the road, Alvina had medical issues that caused her to have a heart attack. Then my father was diagnosed with Colon cancer at the same time. With all the treatments and hospital appointments, we all decided that in the best interest for the family and the family business, I would  take over the responsibilities. This would allow my parents to spend time together, travel or do their daily routines without worrying about the business. 

The customers that we have acquired over the years are so wonderful. They all know of our situation and continue to support us. We feel that our customers are part of our family. We have great personal relationships with every one that enters our door. From young children that needed their school clothes altered to those same children all grown up in college or even married with their own families. We have generation after generation of customers that bring a huge smile to our faces. We are very proud of all the referrals and loyalty our customers give. With Alvina still working along side me, we make a great team and are able to provide our customers with the best service possible. Neither of us are overwhelmed or feel any regrets, we both love what we do. This makes a good recipe for a successful business, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  I have enjoyed my 9 Years as a new business owner and look forward to the many more years to come. 


What makes you different than other similar businesses in your community?

 I think the thing that makes us different is our good attitude, eagerness to provide excellent work, and our personal customer service. Being made to feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door, making sure you are not affraid to ask questions or state your opinions is very important to us. We will give you our expert advice and recommendations at first, but ultimately the decision is yours to make. After all we want you to not only look good, but also feel great when wearing your clothes. We pay very close attention to every detail and work carefully on every garment. At Alvina's Tailor Shop we take time to not only give professional, satisfactory alterations and tailoring , but we also press, hang, and carefully place each garment in a garment bag at no extra charge.The reason we add this personal touch is because we want our customers to feel like their garment was as important to us as any others. This makes it nice for you to be able to walk out and be ready to wear your clothes immediately. I know we can not please every one but we can sure try.


What do you like most about Tailoring and Alterations in San Antonio?

 Our surrounding community is the same one we live in. Every one is so friendly and caring. They are always ready to help in any way that they can. During our families medical troubles the amount of people that prayed and wished us well, got us through a lot of hard times. We even have customers that bake us treats with no sugar or salt for my parents who are also diabetic. Every one comes in with their well wishes and theories of how to beat cancer or heart disease, and we welcome it all. Who knows one of them may have the magic cure one day.