Tips From Your Tailor

At Alvina's Tailor Shop we prefer to have you come in and try on your clothes. We have a fitting Room you can change  in.  All clothing is pinned and this allows for you to feel how the clothes will fit when complete. This is the best way to get that perfect Tailored Fit with the expert alterations in San Antonio.

Q: Should I wash all garments needing alterations, first?

A:  Yes, Due to most garments being made with some form of Spandex or Lycra, washing first will insure the clothes shrink before being altered.  We do not want to cut and alter, then you wash and they shrink. This will make the garment fit tight or shorter than needed.

Q: Do I need to bring in shoes and under garments for a perfect fit?

A: Yes, We always recommend for you to bring in all under garments needed for formal wear . Shoes are a must have when needing items shortened. At least shoes with a similar heel height  are fine. Guessing or tippy- toeing do not guarantee a perfect fit.

Q: What if I'm not happy with the outcome?

A: We guarantee all work to your approval. This is why it is important to be professionally fitted and measured at drop off. When we measure you the pinning tells you how the garment will fit after completed. We always leave enough fabric to accommodate changes. Our work is not complete until you're happy. Of course it is impossible to please every one but we will do all we can and try!

Q: Do I Have To Pay Up Front For Your Services? And Why?

A: Yes we require payment in advance. We accept only Checks and Cash. The reason we need payment in advance is simple, For almost 23 years at this business we have had the pleasure to serve many wonderful people, however some people simply forget to come back when they have an outstanding bill. We have many items that took us lots of time and hard work to complete and despite constant calls to remind the customer , we have been unsuccessful in collecting . We feel it is unfair to put in hard work and to be cheated out of  a payment!  We are an established business and we are not going anywhere. Your clothes will be worked on and we guarantee our work , just think of how we have managed to be open for 23 years and look at all of our referrals.